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Rapid changes in technology, market demands, and expectations have paved the way for the conceptualization and implementation of Agile methods and values in many organizations. Agile relies on adaptive planning and iterative development and delivery. It focuses primarily on the value of people in getting the job done. SAMC™ Certified Professionals should appreciate the concepts of Agile development and be able to compare and choose the Agile methodology appropriate in a given situation.


SCRUMstudy™ will award applicants the SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certified (SAMC™) certificate after successfully passing the certification exam.

SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certified (SAMC™)

    • Provide an understanding of the concepts and practices of different Agile Project Delivery methods
    • Provide a strong understanding of Agile methods to compare and choose the methodologies or parts of methodologies that are most relevant to different situations.
    • Prepare participants to take the SAMC™ exam upon completion of the course. At the end of this course the delegate will be prepared for the SAMC™ exam
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